I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. James Winters for several years and have become impressed in the way he conducts himself both personally and professionally.

Dr. Winters continually exhibits the highest degree of professionalism in the field of chiropractic science. His care for his clients is evident, as he takes the time to provide for the individual needs of each and every patient under his care. His demeanor in the way he performs his job is impeccable.

What particularly impresses me about Dr. Winters, is his skill in communicating to the patient much like a teacher, the reason for the medical condition, while offering a straight forward approach in determining what needs to be done to remediate the problems associated with the ailment. Dr. Winters is a rare individual; who enjoys working with people of all ages, and he possesses the ability to facilitate a successful, informative and relaxing environment.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I recommend his services to any and all patients who require chiropractic care. I think you will find his methods of dealing with the discomforts many of us experience, will be an effective alternative to the consumption of over-the-counter and prescription medications

-Alfred E. Cresci, Ed.D.



Our entire family has been patients of Dr. Jim Winters for many, many years. We have always found him to be honest, sincere, fair, and very caring.

I highly recommend him to anyone. He is very good at what he does and has helped all of us. He has helped both my husband and I with some very serious problems. Both my Sons and Daughter-in-law go to him and always feel better after their appointments.

He is definitely an asset to his profession and he goes above and beyond to help all.

-Marian Malanga


Dear Dr. Winters,

You have been helping me for so long now, and I have never stopped to thank you for all you have done for me over these many years, to keep me going with my active lifestyle. I'm sure that most people with as a severe curve to their spine as mine are not living the same active lifestyle that I can. At one time I remember another chiropractor telling me to stop dancing; you have never told me that, Dr. Winters, and have only worked to help me continue doing all the things I have done for so long.

Your adjustments to my vertebra have not only helped me with my back but, unexpectedly,with my sinuses as well. I find that amazing.

The side benefits of being a patient of yours, have been just wonderful. I enjoy your great sense of humor, the interesting information you share from good cooking ingredients to helpful non-prescription medicines in the health food store, and just the good feeling I get when friends still say "thank you" to me for recommending you to them for some of their problems. They all think as highly of you as I do. I only wish that everyone's first chiropractic visit could be with someone like you.

Most sincerely,

-Buff Hill

I believe chiropractic is a health care choice that facilitates the body's innate abilities to heal.

I trust Dr. Winters' wealth of knowledge, experience and gentle but confident hands.

During every visit, Dr. Winters individualizes care to meet a wide variety of needs for my family and myself. My children look forward to getting checked and visiting his welcoming office.

Dr. winters is a real healer and exceptional chiropractor.

-Tammy Wagner


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I would like to thank you for your help with my vertigo problem. After so many months and so many doctors, I was really ready to stop trying to find relief. My husband, Ed Johnson, has so much faith in your work, that he convinced me to see you.

    As you remember, I was reluctant to begin, and unsure of the scope and purpose of laser treatment. It did make sense to me that the problem could have been initiated in the back of my neck. The previous physical therapist seemed to be focusing there.
    After concluding treatment with you, I became aware of a decrease in the episodes of vertigo. In June, I experienced only four or five "bad days". It has now been three weeks since I have had any dizziness at all. It may be over!"
    Mary L. Johnson